China Day 6: Hustled in Xi’an

In the back of a cab now in Xi’an china and furious with this cab driver. I am fearing a Man on Fire moment. At the airport there is a 25RMB bus to town or taxis. Taxis are much more expensive in the 150 range but after a bad flight and such we wanted it easy. Well it’s not easy. After a 1 hour cab ride I realize we are being taken on a ride. Pulling up the GPS we were traveling in the opposite direction of where we needed to go! And 30km out from it. Furious I hold up the phone and he’s like “ooohhhh, you no want mountain?”. Um no mother fucker you heard me the first time when I told you the hotel name and you repeated it to your friends. What the fuck am I going to do at a mountain at 1am? I call the hotel and tell her to translate for me. Now he wants to negotiate, 260 for the ride. It should cost 150-175. Are you freaking serious?? This is getting old. I think the bars in the back of the cab are fitting.

The Cell

The Warden

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