Day 1 India: In Delhi & Out

So day 1 in India is off and running. It’s already been an adventure. After finally getting to the hotel at 5:00am because it took forever to get out of the airport due to some lost luggage. That’s another story for the full report later today/ tonight.

We had to try and figure out a way to get us to Jodphur, India for a wedding. Unfortunately the trains were full, the flights were crazy pricey. So instead we booked a car and driver and a few legs of train rides to get us to Mumbai on 12/28. Now we are driving in the back of a tiny car to Pushkar before getting up tomorrow and heading to Jodphur.

We have definitely been scammed a bit but hopefully not too much. The first feelings of India are, congested, polluted, & a lot like Honduras actually. Slightly comforting.

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