India Day 3: Project Runway

So post brunch it was time to start thinking about the wedding and in particular what we were going to wear. We are still without our suit bag, so it was time to see what our Indian tailor had managed to do in less than 24 hours.

When we go to the shop it was quite a sight. It was clearly wedding season and lots of men were there trying on their suits and such. We waited patiently and then were called over with a huge smile to see our suits. No matter how much we paid, it was worth it to see the excitement and pride of the tailor’s apprentice. The tailor himself was quite stoic. They carefully unzipped our bags to show us our suits. And I have to say I was wowed. In less than 24 hours my big 6 yards of fabric turned into a kick ass suit. Linen + me = awesome!

So you may be wondering where the shot of the suit is? Well it’s coming as part of the wedding post. For now let me leave you with this.

Project Runway

(left to right. Awesome fashion guy, tailor, and salesman).

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