India Day 4: Jodphur to Udaipur

Ok, so due to the overwhelming request for frequency vs length. I am going to just go with more frequent posts though they may lack the awesome depth of my traditional posts 🙂 The wedding post is going to come some point in the future because I am determined to put up 10 great shots and i am wrecking my brain to figure out which would be best. So wait for that one.

Alright so post wedding it was time to head out of Jodphur and go to Udaipur. At the wedding, as typical with this type of travel, we met some kindred spirits who through 6 degrees of separation we realized we were connected. Both through subject matter interest, ecology, and through a shared relationship, my brother. Its always striking when you realize how small the world is , no matter what part or corner you may be in. It’s amazing. They too were headed to Udaipur but via bus. We made plans to connect in Udaipur and stay at the same hotel. So when they departed via bus, we made it back to our car.

Again, our driver really isn’t winning any points with us at all, but it’s to be expected at this point. The highlight of the trip to Udaipur was where we stopped and had lunch. The thing about the indian highway network in Rajastan is that it basically runs through varying levels of desert, so you see nothing and then a settlement or small town will pop up along the road, but then as quickly as it appeared, it will subside. I was not looking forward to eating at one of those roadside pop-up delis. But this place where he took us was nice. And what better way to start to relax from the wedding experience than a couple of beers. The first few days of the trip have been hectic. Filled with lots of movement, unexpected expenses, and pressure to be good guests and well dressed. Yea i know life can get harder than this, but still stressful. It was nice to sit at this table surrounded by greenery and just start to take in the fact that we are in INDIA, with complete freedom of movement, and of course good company (except the driver).

Yes, we like it strong

The rest of the drive to Udaipur was uneventful. By Indian standards at least. I do really like the incidence of tractors on the road…

Built Ford Tough

And the love of the auto rickshaw. You look at these things and they look very human like. Like a little baby with it’s eyes all round and happy. Makes you want to hug one. But trust me, you don’t.

A little baby auto-rickshaw

Arriving in Udaipur, things turned up. This place really was beautiful. We have now moved away from the Lonely Planet and moved on to Tripadvisor to lead us in our hotel choices. Our first choice was booked but we found another, The Hotel Tiger, which was available and highly regarded. It did not disappoint. We met up with our two traveling tribesmen, and we headed to the roof to take in the sunset. It was stunning.

The Udaipur Glow

Post the sunset we decided to take in a government sponsored dance performance, showcasing the dances of Rajastan. Like many things in India, the start time is approximate. So a 6:30 show actually started more like 8 PM. But it was worth it. I was concerned that it would be a hockie show for tourist, but the Indian families outnumbered us, and it was given in both Hindi and in English. The dances were amazing and the performers were into it.

Dancing Queens

But the show’s finale really took the cake. For the finale, a single dancer performed a dance celebrating the water gathering tradition of the women carrying 9 pots of water on their heads back to their families. This woman was amazing. I have a full series of shots but need more time to process them, but it really was splendid to watch. But what i liked most was her face, there was such a sense of mastery and pride in her eyes. It was amazing and made me warm.

Momma can do it

Post the dance performance it was time for some sleep and the next day promised more exploration of Udaipur and then a trek to Pushkar. But on the way back, this scene caught my eye and I just liked it.

Still Life

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