India: Kanayakumari & Nagercoil

Kanayakumari is the southernmost point in India, where the Bay of Bengal meets the Indian Ocean meets the Arabian Sea. The town is known for this unique fact and its amazing sunrises and sunsets. Kinda neat to have a place known for what happens around it, vs. whats in it. Oh yea, we found a place to stay. The trusty taxi driver drove us to a few places, and we settled on one n the middle of the action.

We have spent a couple of days here making our way east to connect with a project. The town itself is nothing to write home about, and we are one of few westerners here, but the hotels are full of Indian families on vacation and exploring their country. I like that.

Getting up for the sunrise was an experience. It’s clearly a known fact that it is ThE reason to be there. Like pilgrims waiting for the coming of their messiah, people lined the shores of the water, roof tops, cars, etc. All gazing outward water for the sun to crest. In some ways it was eery, like at any moment some crazy unforeseen event was going to happen. I checked for exits 🙂 and then settled in.

The Glow

The sunrise itself was just OK. With all of the build up i was feeling a little cheated. The sunrises in Hawaii in the pacific, or Thailand in the Andaman have rocked it a little harder. But this man’s face made the worth wait it. I love people. I like trying to capture what they experience. He looked so deeply into the horizon, I wondered if his eyes would pull it closer.


Post sunrise, it was time to get to the little town. I wasn’t feeling that inspired by it really. There re two key monuments set out in the ocean devoted to gods & man.

The Monuments

So we hoped the ferry to explore and it was just ok. Maybe we are getting monumented out? But there were two parts of the experience that we fun. Firstly, i am still a celebrity even down in the south. Those of you that know Chuckles, knows he loves the spotlight a bit, and I can tell he is tiring of my glow. But its kinda funny down here vs. up north where it felt aggressive. Down here they actually think i am a WWF fighter, and they treat Chuckles like he is my manager or something, asking him the base questions, and then wanting to shake my hand or take a picture with me. It’s really funny. After a bit of this, you really start to fall into character. Avoiding eye contact with groups, Chuckles intervening in all the pictures. It was kinda hilarious. The best was a group group of school kids formed a line with their hands out, like a wave, and I ran down the entire length. Or another moment was when someone was taking a picture of me, Chuckles was leaned in and they moved the camera to crop him out. Hilarious.

The second fun part of the experience was the actual ferry over. It’s a rusted out bucket which is fine, but the best part is that they make you wear a life preserver. And of course the things re old as heck, crushed, and ineffective at saving your life. But they demand that you put them on and share in the nice bed of germs that cover them. Yummy. We got progressively better at each elg of the ferry (there are 3 stops), allowing less and less of it to touch us,, and also jockeying For the best seats and access to the door. Americanized concepts of courtesy and personal spae have slowly broken down. I think if I wedge my butt against your leg, i can fit. Lets go!

The town from the see view is quite pretty. With the multicolored houses and beaches, it does cue Alamafi coast.



Back on land we went to our favorite watering hole, for a bit of “refreshment”, which strted one of the funnest nights.

“Hermit” Lounge

The nest day was a little “slow”, but we made a plan to get some music in our lives. We hired a taxi and headed into the nearby city of Nagercoil looking for some music.

We found a guitar and decided to go for itl

The Precious

The ride to and fro Nagercoil was chill. We finally got to ride in one of the white 50’s looking cabs, I promise I will take a picture of one soon though. Until then, here is the inside of one.


I have t say that I am slowly falling in love with the auto rickshaw. They just seem so cute, and spunky.

The Backside

Ok. I am tired. Post is getting stranger and stranger 🙂 better stop now.

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