India: Madurai…poisoned

So it had to happen. Post Kanayakumari, we headed to
Madurai; making our way east to the project. Madurai is known for
it’s amazing temple which has survived thousands of years and still
operates as a religious place today Unfortunately, we didn’t get to
spend much time with it. After taking a 5 hour train ride from
Kanya to Madurai, we were starving. We wanted to grub on lunch and
have a beer, and then hit the main city and temple. We got
convinced by the touts to save 1000 rupees and stay at a cheaper
hotel. The hotel was decent, so enticed by the money we went for
it. Well the room turned out to be a mirage of comfort and the
hotel a trojan horse for nastiness. When we sat down for lunch, we
could smell the kitchen. Never a good thing. But when the food came
and the chef was so excited about it, we didn’t want to offend. We
selectively picked through our plates but it wasn’t enough. Almost
immediately my stomach started sounding off and Chuckles said it
was “psychosomatic”. Yielding to the influence, we headed to see
the temple. Bad idea, an hour into it, I knew I needed to head
back. Making it to the room, I erupted like that random volcano in
Iceland (but beyond grossing out chuckles, I caused much less
harm). It was bad. Chuckles still insisted that he was fine. I
curled up and dreamed of mom’s pampering. Oh and the awesome room,
yea the AC didn’t work, so that night it was the sweats. Gross. And
chuckles? Well he erupted too. But more like the oil spill in the
gulf, gross. Madurai = no fun for us.

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