Panama Bound

So another adventure abounds and I promise to be better keeping the trip log up and running. This is going to be a combination of working off the blackberry and then posting final high res work from the computer at the end of the project.

We are heading down to Panama to do a Filmmaker For A Cause project. We have two panamanian organizations that we are looking to partner with. One focuses on working with indigenous groups to protect their land rights and maintain culture. The other organization is focused on AIDS education, counseling, and supporrt for indigenous communities. Should be two very solid projects and a lot to capture in the next 5 days!

What has me most worried is that we are entering the country with our film gear and we may be assessed taxes and or import duties. I am hoping the low profile of the Red Epic and small bag can get us through. Also our young faces and good looks 🙂 will see. We can’t afford thousands in customs and it could put an immediate end to the trip. Fingers crossed.

More to come!

Categories: FMFAC, Travel

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