Traveling with the Red Epic

As a filmmaker I am always trying to find the easiest way to move my gear around but also been as inconspicuous as possible. For the project in Haiti with Filmmaker For A Cause I was taking the new Red Epic with an assortment of lenses and accessories. The key is to be able to bring it all on the plane and easily move it around the country once we landed. I know a lot of photogs and Filmmakers swear by backpacks and shoulder bags but fully loaded my kit of gear weighs 50lbs and it’s a back and shoulder breaker. So I wanted something with wheels. I ended up purchasing a Think Tank International v2.0 bag and I absolutely love it. The one downside to the bag is that I have to “breakdown” the camera, meaning I have to take some parts off of it before I can store it in the bag, but thats ok in my style of working. Once I land and I put the camera together, it stays together the entire time I am in the country, and then I work out of the bag for accessories and such. The bag is able to hold the Red Epic Body, Side Handle, 4 SSDs, EVF, 2 Top Handles, LCD, Canon 16-35, 85, 50, 70-200 lenses, 6 red volts, ssd reader, wireless mic kit, shot gun mic, cables, screw in filters, len pens, and Allen wrenches, screws, and bits. Fully loaded the bag is HEAVY, but it fits in all carryon bins and looks like a small roller of clothes. The one thing I have to be careful with is to not be weighed at Checkin, as some airlines are starting to weigh more and more… Other than that, I have found my new bag! It’s holding up great on this trip to Haiti!


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