Can a VW make it around the world?

While i am going to write more about Project 36, and the USA summer project we are working on in another post, this post is about buying a van/truck/car. For both upcoming US projects and an around the world project, we needed to have a way of moving us and our gear around, so I bought a VW Vanagon with my own money and plan to donate it’s use to FMFAC.

I only read a little bit about these guys before I purchased. Here is some more information about them.

I found a 1980 VW Vanagon Riviera in Seattle, WA, and flew out to pick it up and drive back. It’s got a whopping 67hp, full sink, stove, fridge, and 2 beds. As you can see the top pops up and there is a bed and storage up there when parked. This feels like the perfect vehicle to haul our gear and save on hotel/ lodging costs by sleeping in the car.

I am still working the kinks out and fixing it up. This should serve us great for the USA summer project, but the bigger question is can it make it around the world? They make a 4×4 version…. hmmm….

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