Meet Britney

So this post is a bit late, given the last post talks about Britney being under the knife. After much research and discussion we have decided that we will do Project 36 overland, meaning we will drive and live out of the vehicle for the year.

With that decided we needed to find a vehicle that could be a home, production studio, and effective people mover. Given my recent dive into VW’s we settled on a Vanagon Syncro as the platform to build upon. I would find one and buy it and then donate it’s use to FMFAC.

After searching far and wide, we found a perfect fit for the project in Colorado! She is a 1987 Syncro, with the engine converted from the notoriously unreliable VW engine to a Subaru EJ22 engine. She is not the Westfalia Camper model, so I will convert it from being a regular van into our rolling home base. She had lots of dents and dings, and some faded paint, but she was solid underneath.

More to come! We’re working with some cool sponsors to make it happen, and we’re pumped to show you what’s next!



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