Crazy long day… More to come…

So today we were able to pick Britney up from phase 1 of the auto repair work. Phase 1 was about the big dents and scrapes, and Phase 2 is next week and that’s about the paint! But given we have now 3 whole days with her, we went to work on some of the mechanical work to get her ready for Project 36. While on the project we won’t have mechanics nor the funds to pay others to fix issues that arise with the car, so in essence we have to become the mechanics.

Today we tackled exhaust and oil. The current Subaru engine in the Van was made to go into a pedestrian economy car, not into a 4×4 off road vehicle. One of the challenges of these engines is that the oil pan hangs low at the bottom of the engine like a water balloon waiting to burst on the next series of rocks. So I ordered a modified oil pan thats more flat and wide and hangs down significantly less. That was a bit of a knuckle buster because the 13 screws that attach it to the engine were of course hidden. There went a few hours.

Next up was to completely replace all of the exhaust system; header, cat, muffler, tail pipe, all of it. This was actually pretty easy and pretty fun until we realized that some of the parts we were sent weren’t correct for our engine. So we had to modify and machine them to fit. Another several hours…

So it’s 13 hours later and we have a quiet running, high clearance :), Vanagon with fresh oil; and we’re exhausted and proud…


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