Designing the power system! Part #1: Subsystem Diagram

Today I set out to design the power system in the van. I am designing a system that has 3 sources of energy (AC/ Engine Alternator/ Solar) to charge two banks of batteries, and provide the energy we need to charge cameras, phones, navigation, data, etc. I downloaded Omnigraffe to help me layout the diagram, so i could get some professional and trusty Samba ( and expedition portal ( advice.  This is going to be a four part post over the next few weeks. This first part is about the subsystem, and the diagram for how to connect it all together. The next post will detail what gear is what and the why we chose them, the 3rd post will detail out the circuits, appliances/ gear we are running, and the last post will be the install and final pics… whew

Here’s the diagram… If you know electrical send us a note, we would love the help! Notice we don’t have anything connected to our positive (+) bus bar… 🙂 And btw “BnBB” means “Breaker in the Baby Box”.

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