Subsystem Power Diagram Version 2…

So I have gotten some feedback on the diagram, and i am updating the diagram with some changes. I have highlighted the changes in yellow. Some of the changes, like the addition of the DC panels and AC Panels are to show the intent of the system’s use and others are a response to the feedback and learning.I have integrated the use of positive bus bars to simplify connections, and also want to explore the idea of a solar “port”.

There are many types of solar panels out there. The most common are rigid panels that are the typical type used in installations on buildings and the top of RV’s. The other type are flexible or foldable panels. These types of panels are lighter and more easily stored and transported. They can be folded like a blanket or rolled up like a map in a tube. What i am exploring is the potential to use a rigid panel on the top of the van and then on the outside of the van be able to plug in a foldable panel that could be unfolded and placed out in the sun while the van is stationary. This would give us more wattage, as we could carry another 120 watts of power in foldable panels pretty easily.

Another element is how to effectively isolate the second battery (Yellow Optima) from the main battery and it’s connected circuits. The Optima will be considered the back-up system. Meant really only to be used in emergency to charge sat phones, emergency gear, etc. Is the battery thats to work if something happens to the other batteries, and in a pinch it could be jumpered to the starting battery to crank the car. If you look at the diagram, there is a little diagram with a “S” in it on the positive connection between the optima and the Aux DC Circuit Fuse Panel. The intent is that if that switch is switched “off” and the 30AMP break switched off, then the battery is isolated from everything.

TIme to see what the team says to my whacky ideas…

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