Update and new challenges!

So things are progressing here on the build. The next two weeks are going to be critical. We have the interior en route from a shop “across the pond”, the electrical goodies are starting to show up, the suspension bits have been shipped out to the west coast, and the last engine pieces are coming here to Chicago for me to install.

Of course it’s not without challenges. Looks like the fuel tank gauge has decided to call it quits, which would be fine, because that also happened to my last vanagon, but getting to the fuel tank on a syncro is a major pain in the butt. Ugh. Maybe when I put the new antenna and ran the wire through the dash it kicked something loose… Will have to open the dash on that one. We also experienced some UPS shipping destruction. We had originally ordered our shocks to Chicago, but our awesome suspension and fabricating guru is in CA. So we had to ship the shocks to him, and of course of the 3 boxes shipped, that’s the one to get damaged… Ugh… Hope they do the right thing.

On fun, geeky subjects. The command center panel was approved from engineering at the manufacturer and it’s going to be headed our way soon. Here’s a peak at the command center we designed for all of our circuits. You’ll notice some pretty interesting circuit names 🙂


Started to strip out all of the interior this weekend, but it’s bedtime for now. More on that later.

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