It’s impossible to plan it all…

When we set out on this project we tried to plan for everything and see all of the dependencies and plot a course through it all. And now we simply realize its impossible to plan every part of this build and anticipate all of the hurdles.

We’re behind on the build. Really behind. And we’re going to just have to accept that, and replan the project to begin a little later than we wanted. But trying to go with the punches.

Tomorrow, we are now about to drive from Santa Barbara, CA to Chicago, IL and we have to do it in 2.5 days to stay on timeline. It’s a bit scary. When we picked the van up in Seattle, we discovered a few nagging items we needed to address as well. As we strengthen and update new subsystems in the van, it exposes the next weak link on the van. I feel like we are on a slowly unraveling more and more work for us to do, and the budget seems more and more overwhelming.

We also decided that we have been a bit lopsided in the posts on the blog, as they have been sooo van focused on the van build! While the van is a fun part of Project 36, it’s just a means to an end. A stable home and studio for us to produce the work for our partner organizations. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be balancing out the blog, so you can also see the other part of planning for a trip like this, from the routes, to the organization selection, to fundraising. It’s all coming!

We got a sneak peak from Burl at Burley Motorsports and it totally has us excited. Takes away a bit of the stress to see it coming together…


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