Is this fun?

We are still in Santa Barbara and we have set the goal to leave with the van complete on Saturday PM, but I am worried. We worked a solid full day yesterday from about 9:30AM until 8PM. We just started to hit the law of diminishing returns. We were forgetting things, misplacing tools, and getting sloppy with razor blades, definitely not a good nor smart way to work.

I have to officially say that this is no longer fun, it’s just hard necessary work. All the joys of the adventure of preparation are gone, and what remains is just a dulling sense of time pressure. We are lucky to have Burl working with us and donating such huge amounts of his time, but we can’t live in his shop forever. We have to finish this van and get going on all of the other work we have to do. Simultaneous to us building the van now, we also have 4 projects in post production, fundraising activities in full steam, org selection and research for Project 36, day jobs, and at some point sleep.

We have made an extensive work list to be sure we divide and conquer as we get into the last couple days of work here. It’s 60 degrees and windy here, but its 32 degrees and snowy in Chicago. We have to make it work here before we leave, because it will be all harder to accomplish in Chicago.

No one ever said this was going to all be fun, but it will be worth it. Here is page 1 of 3 of our worklist.


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