Shakedown Trip Preparation

Bo is still out west getting a little love, but we are back here busily planning for the official Shakedown trip.

Shakedown is a mega trial run of Syncro Bo and our gear. We have to get back out to Burl for final tweaks and set up and then we embark on a monster journey to tackle sand, dirt roads, border crossings, etc in the name of ensuring we have everything we need and fully optimized for the big expedition.

We have spent a bunch of time debating a route to take. We knew we needed to get to Redding, CA at the beginning of the trip to connect with Burl, and then begin our shakedown. Having just bought an annual pass to the national parks we started to explore national parks along a potential route. Then we added the need for some sand and beach driving to test the lockers and such, and a border crossing would be ideal to get used to the hassle and process. Oh, and it’d be great to hit the south and see some swamps. So with all of that in consideration, we have landed on the map below. A 9,000 mile trek west exploring some national parks and then down into and across Mexico and back up to America, through the Deep South and then to Port in NJ, where we will ship the van.

More to come, it’s going to be an adventure.


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