So this has been a crazy week.  I can’t believe it’s been so long since we updated the blog.  But lots of big news t announce.

First,  we can officially announce to team.  It’s going to be myself (Randall) and Pat! We’ll post more about us later,  but finding the right duo was key to ensuring Project 36 is a success.

The next big news is that the van is basically complete.  We are just putting the final touches on it.  Of course the little details take the longest,  but it’s nice to have the van basically functional and ready to roll. We moved up to 16 inch wheels for more ground clearance and a slightly narrower tire than before. Bo is looking good.


Now we have less than a week to move out of Chicago and get started on the shakedown project.  We are committing the month of August to the final test preparations but for right now,  it’s cleaning out the closet time.


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