Bo attracts attention…

So as we have been building Bo into the syncro he is today,  we have noticed that he seems to attract attention whereever he goes.  In the beginning in Chicago,  when he was still Britney and no pop top,  it was waves and smiles from VW fans and odd stares at the guy in the funny looking van.  As Bo has transformed with winches and lights,  he attracts the pick-up crowd in addition to his familiar VW,  hippie,  and syncro crowds.  Now,  9 out of 10 times we park him, someone gives a horn honk,  thumbs up,  or full blow conversation and impromptu photos.

Today we washed Bo up nice and clean for some photos at Burl’s new shop.  We’ll be posting some of those soon,  but here he is in the parking lot of home Depot.


Well just before I took the above picture,  I walked up on a man taking a ton of pictures of Bo from all angles.  Turns out he is into VW Buses and is actually about to go live in his full time as an act of independence and self reliance.  This includes leaving his very lucrative job to focus on piano. I was blown away by the guy. I asked for a photo of him and his bus. And he surprised me because he has cats with him too.  He proceeded to grab a black cat upside down and then pass her to me.  She just looked up at me like this was a daily occurrence,  and then he reappeared moments later with a huge orange tabby. We talked buses,  solar panels,  water tanks,  and cats.  Awe Bo,  the people he attracts…


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