Prep Week!

Driving on the “wrong side” of the road was a lot easier than we thought.  We were not excited at all but after a few days it became normal & we are more excited than ever to see the UK.  After traveling around a little we have noticed things here are much different than the US.  The United Kingdom is obviously smaller than the United States & along with that, cities are much closer.  We’ll tell someone we are driving to Scotland for a few days & they just think its crazy.  “You’re going all the way up there just because?!”  Uhm, Yes it is only a four-hour drive to Scotland….that’s nothing for what we are used to in America. 

When we left port we have had a week to settle in & adjust to living on this side of the globe.  We first went to Stone Henge which was pretty close to where we were already. 


We found an awesome campground down the road.


We headed west to Bristol to see the City & also heard it had a lot of Banksy artwork.  He is a famous British street artist that I have always loved so seeing some of his work was pretty fascinating.


From here we didn’t really know what we wanted to do.  I have a friend from Scotland who told me to go up there but I didn’t really think it was ideal until Randall randomly said, “Lets go check out Scotland.” It was only a four & some change drive to get up there so why not.  First stop was Glasgow & it had great people.  You could tell it was a bigger city that was more “hip” with a younger vibe.  The next city was Edinburgh, which had more old buildings & a huge castle that overlooked the town.  Both were amazing to see. 



We are now back in Central England working with our first organization.  We are so excited.  More news to come. 



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