Joys of my motorcycle

I know I’ve only had my my bike for approximately 3 months but I will say it has been the best investment for this trip.  The fact that I can leave the Mog behind and go to the store or to school is amazing.  Traveling just became simpler.  I am really excited to see what these bikes will be able to do for us down the road. Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 3.34.09 PM IMG_0777 I got my first flat tire on the Malecon our first week we were here from a nail in the road.  I was close to my school but still had no clue where I was going to get my tire fixed.  A construction worker saw my flat tire and whistled me down because he had a bike pump on him.  Well, his pocket sized bike pump didn’t really do the trick but luckily a crack head nearby (no offense intended, the guy literally was a self described crack addict) knew of a bike shop that would be willing to fix my tire.  So he took me to a house down the street where a kid had taken over his parents’ garage and turned it into his bike shop.  You think he had the right size tube for my tire? Of course not! But he quickly went across town to a couple of different shops to get one for me.  He came back and got me back on the road for a whopping 7 dollars.  Thank you, Mexico. IMG_0717 IMG_0712 IMG_0709 IMG_0725

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