Backyard Flying

Here in La Paz we have been staying at a campground that is next to the beach.  I see fishermen and kayakers constantly using the boat ramp.  Every once in a while someone backs into the water too far and gets stuck, they then drink a 6 pack until their buddies come and tow them out.  That’s about as interesting as it got until this trailer pulled up.


I never thought I would see some guy loading his plane off of a trailer and into the water.   Oh, and putting the wings back on because he just towed it here from his house.


Well of course we couldn’t sit back and just watch this happen.  There was no way we could pass up filming this little float plane in our backyard.  So long story short, we walked down and made friends with Sidd, the pilot.  We quickly set up a camera and got ready to shoot the take-off.


He was gone for about 45 minutes and I spotted him coming back.  He came back to refuel for another flight and I knew that just a few shots wouldn’t do justice.  We ended up rigging 3 GoPros on his plane in different places.  I was so excited and pumped up with what we were doing, that it wasn’t until I watched him take off again, that I realized I just put $1500 dollars of GoPros on a stranger’s plane.  Who knew if he was going to come back?!


Well he did return and told us about how he is starting his Aerial Tour Company in Southern Baja.  He was going to keep the plane on the beach for a month while he gives rides to his customers.  I was pretty excited he was going to stick around in the hopes of making a video with him flying around La Paz.P010_C009_0101TT

The La Paz Marina in the background.


He came close to the pier with some serious passes.


Sidd coming back in after a landing.


As we kept filming and I started to watch the footage I was completely jealous I wasn’t in the back flying with him.  Well I told him that me filming from the passenger seat, would really complete the film. My wish was granted and I must say this was one of the best flights in my life.


Center of La Paz and the Malecon.


The Harbor.


Snow Bird village across the bay being constructed.


We flew over the whale shark tours which was awesome.  Seeing the massive creatures from the sky was unbelievable.


My favorite beach in Southern Baja.  Balandra beach.


Me, Sidd, and Burt.


I need to find more friends with planes along the way to Antartica.


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