A night at Tecolote Beach

Tecolote Beach is just a short drive outside of La Paz, B.C.S., Mexico.  All the Mexicans from La Paz love Tecolote and so do the all the travelers.  It offers a few miles of sandy beach, crystal clear water, spectacular free camping, and half a dozen restaurants with bars.  This is THE spot.  I give the Mexicans of La Paz credit for using their beaches as often as possible.  Week days and weekends you will find picnics, camping, and family outings from the locals.  Just be careful on the holidays as its a tradition to meet at the beach which can lead to thousands and thousands of cars and people on the same sand. But for the gringos, October – April the beach will have lots of RV’ers parked a long the ocean but once the snow birds migrate north, the whole place opens up to yourself at night. P10607182P10607322 DSC_7466 DSC_7473 DSC_7475 DSC_7494 DSC_75032 DSC_7488


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  1. Randall,

    Great to see you are having a good time. Another place to try: Bahia de Los Suenos. Hardpack beach to drive the rig on. Soft sand for camping. Plenty of panga’s to rent (includes captain) for a day of fishing. They also do the cleaning. It is about an hour South of La Paz.

    When do you head into South America?

    Take care, g


    • Hey man! We are heading back to your old stomping grounds next week, (La Ventana, Los Frailes, Cabo Pulmo, etc) before take the ferry in a week or so. We just shot our La Paz non-profit organization, and are finishing up the post production on that as we speak. Then it’s wheels up and back on the road!


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