The day Syncro was poisoned…

Well we have been silent for a bit, and mainly because we have been having a ton of fun in Mexico and also buckled down a bit finishing up some work. This post is more of a PSA for fellow pet travelers.

We checked into a fairly new RV park outside of Cancun and we were the only travelers at the time. The owner is super friendly, and encouraged us to let Syncro run free. We still like to keep an eye on him, and I am so thankful we did this day. As Pat was exploring the property with Syncro, he noticed Syncro eating something. I am so thankful he had the presence of mind, to go over and see what it was.

Meanwhile, I was chatting the owner up, when Pat comes over, with Syncro and a little blue ball, and asks what it was. I honestly though it was a rock, and looked at Pat like he was an idiot. When the owner responded “oh, that’s rat poison, we think we saw one, and wanted to put some down just in case”. He said it without the slightest bit of concern. In that moment my stomach hit the floor, my baby was poisoned.

So here we are in Mexico, with a poisoned pup, and the clock is ticking. So for any other pet owners, here is what you do. You mainly need to get the pup to vomit. You want to get the poison out as soon as possible. From my old EMT days, I remembered Hydrogen Peroxide is an emetic. A quick internet search got us to a dosing of one teaspoon per 5 lbs.  Somehow we miraculously had a basting syringe, and we loaded it up and shot it down Syncro’s throat. It was a bit traumatic for him, but we were honestly freaked.

Like worried parents, we paced with him outside, waiting for him to puke. Luckily it didn’t take long and up came, the blue stuff. Syncro was miserable throughout this. He kept trying to find a corner to go into, and we were in the middle of a field basically. We tried to rub his back a bit, but I don’t think he appreciated it much, so we just left him to empty.

With the poison out, the owner set to immediately pull up the remaining poison. I have to admit my initial feelings were sheer frustration, but it eventually softened. He doesn’t have any pets; he wouldn’t think about it. But it was a nice teachable moment to help him understand what it means to be pet friendly.

Syncro has made a full recovery and beyond just looking a little sad from throwing up so much, he is fine. So for us, we have added a new question to our list when we stay places “Do you have any poison of any kind around your property for animals of any kind?”

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  1. What a traumatic experience! I’m glad you were smart and proactive in your care. I will remember your skills if this ever happens to mine. Great advice, thanks for sharing!

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