The Passion of Flight: Sidd (Mexico)

As a passion project we have been producing mini-docs on pilots and their passion for flight. While camped and living in La Paz, México we met Sidd. We were making breakfast outside when we saw a guy pull onto the beach towing an airplane! He calmly proceeded to slide the plane off and into the water and then took off. Watching the little plane glide across the water’s surface, like a speed boat, and then go airborne was magical.

We don’t want to take too much away from Sidd’s film below, but he is a fascinating individual who uses his pilot skills to help scientists with conservation and to delight the occasional tourist.

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  1. Randall –
    Good to hear from u! How is the rig running? Gretchen and I moved to Sisters Oregon. How about 17m in the afternoon? Gary


    • Hey Gary! Rig is running great! We are now in El Salvador and have a moment to breath. You going to be on this weekend, I am by the ocean in El Salvador so let’s give it a go! Will send you an email


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