Happy National Dog Day!

When we aren’t filming for Filmmaker For A Cause on our journey south, you might find us exploring a national park or enjoying the breeze at the ocean.  Typically these down-times from filming come with days upon days of editing our FMFAC projects or working on other clients’ work.  Often times we miss our limited days behind the camera as we sit in front of computers for hours each day.  So what do we do?  We try new things with our gear & try to film something fun.  Maybe we will fly the chopper or test out some new gear that we just got delivered down here.  Thankfully, we have two full-time actors on board with us at all times.  Syncro & Tug.  They can be some of the more difficult actors we have worked with, but you can tell at least they have fun. 

We were recently parked-up outside of hot Panama City while Patrick went back & forth to the USA for some jobs.  The dogs seemed to love the wide open space and always loved to play in the sprinkler to cool down.


We decided to build a dual operator gimbal setup using our Ronin with some of the newer pieces of our kit such as, SmallHD Monitors, Paralinx Triton Wireless Video System, and the RT Motion Latitude. This allowed one of us to control focus from afar with his own monitor, while the other moved the gimbal and controlled framing.  A separate technical blog post on all the gear is coming soon!  Here is our equipment dream team.



The following week, we ended up at the beaches of Las Lajas & that was just outstanding.  We camped right on the white sand beaches & watched the tide go out hundreds of feet during the sunset allowing us to have great reflections off the sand. 


Now it’s back to more FMFAC editing to wrap up some of these projects before moving onwards to South America.

Happy National Dog Day!

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  1. Always looking forward to new stories from the famous 4!
    Take care while shipping; they tried to get into all campers which were on our cargo boat. So better prepare carefully and take valuables with you.
    cu in south america! Irene & Simon


  2. Randall and Patrick – good to hear u r well. Sounds like ur film adventure is both fun and challenging. We bet Patrick’s Spanish is muy bueno by now. A lot has happened in over a year.

    Gretchen and I moved to sisters Oregon nine months ago. We r on 5 acres about four miles out of town. It is awesome! We just finished adding a shop and ham shack. Central Oregon is a recreation paradise. Good micro brews too!

    Annie is now 13 and doing amazing for her age. She moves slow and is hard of hearing but happy. We got Lily, also a liver colored flat coat retriever, 15 months ago. She is a funny dog and keeps everyone young!

    We r leading a group of 8 couples down the Baja in February and plan to bum around in r camper for two months. U will probably be out of Panama by then. Ha ha.

    How is the uni-mog running? Have u tried the ham radio? I tune into the manana net most every day except Sunday’s. I can find us on 14.342.50 at 11:45am PST. Or let me know another time. I now have a 220′ dipole at 67′ and can run 1500 watts.

    Take care. G

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