Introducing “RIGS”

We are excited to introduce you guys to a little passion project of ours: RIGS. The idea is to share a short video series that showcases the different overlander rigs and their owners that we meet on the Pan-American Highway.

One thing that has struck us, is the sheer variety of vehicles that make the trip. From huge rigs that make MogTug look small, to basic sedans with no special preparation. We hope to share with you a unique view into this world.

This first RIGS features Brian and his custom-built Ford F550 Camper by GXV. This rig is amazing, with a ton of the creature comforts, and some unique additions to ensure it’s ready to overland and stay off the grid for long periods of time.

Check it out, and let us know in the comments what you want to see in future RIGS. If you enjoyed it, consider subscribing to our YouTube Channel, as we have lots of other content planned!

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