Project 36

“Project 36” is a year long project to create social awareness, excitement, and support for 36 organizations. We will create a film every 10 days telling the stories of people and organizations that are changing their community and delivering real impact. Our goal is to amplify these strong but quiet voices.

We’re teaming up with a group of amazing sponsors who are helping us build a platform to help viewers to become doers in supporting each of these 36 organizations

To keep the costs as low as possible, we’re making the trip overland, meaning we will drive and live out of a donated vehicle. Not only is this saving us significant lodging and transport costs, but it is also allowing us further reach into communities?

We’re working on some fun videos (who would have thought?!) to explain in more depth the project, and how you can get involved. The next 8 – 12 weeks are going to be huge, and we look forward to you coming along on the journey with us!

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