We are Pat (pnuggget), Randall (RandallB3), Syncro the perma-puppy from Spain, and now Tug the wonder dog from Guatemala. We are two overlanders & filmmakers, who between our paid work, donate our time and effort to an organization called Filmmaker For A Cause. We try to help make the world a little bit better by spreading awareness of the awesome people in it, and we try to have a good time along the way.

In 2014, we quit our normal day jobs, sold the majority of our stuff, and set to building a home and office on wheels. Our first vehicle was SyncroBo, a 1987 Volkswagen Vanagon Syncro Camper. You can read all about that build here. We took SyncroBo all across the U.S., Europe, and beyond. With the overlanding, filmmaking, and volunteer bug fully set, we set our sights toward a bigger vehicle to allows us to bring more filmmaking gear to the field, and to stay out longer. That vehicle is a 1987 Unimog U1300L Camper named MogTug, and you can check out info on him here. This is our current home and office on wheels.

We are currently en route on a multi-year project down the Panamerican Highway (from America to Antartica) to share the story of 20 organizations for Filmmaker For A Cause as volunteers, while stopping from time to time to work for our clients around the world.

This is the journey of our lives.

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  1. Pat,

    You might remember me from way back – I’m a good friend of your aunt Betsy. She shared your url. What you are doing is fucking awesome! I hope you’re working on the uber doc of your adventures…!

    I wish you great success on all your endeavors!

    Kit Tyler


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