FMFAC Volunteering: K9 Rancho Del Perro

We are excited to share our first volunteer film project for Filmmaker For A Cause! While we love to travel and live life overland, the core mission of our trip is to volunteer for Filmmaker For A Cause (
We will shoot 1-2 films for selected non-profits in each country we travel through. There is a team in the US that reviews applications and selects non-profit partners for support. The non-profits then use the completed film for their fundraising and awareness efforts.

It’s exciting because we don’t know who the organization will be until a week or so before we start production, when we receive a packet of information from the US team.

K9 Rancho Del Perro, is the only no-kill dog rescue/ shelter in La Paz, BCS (maybe in all of Baja Sur). What struck me most about their work, is that many of these dogs are borderline feral, and they work with them over months to socialize and build trust. This isn’t like a shelter in the US where the dog may have been abandoned, but generally knows people. They do amazing work.

Check it out

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