Meet Tug!

Well we have done it again. We have let a cute face and a sob story win us over. About 4 weeks ago we welcomed a new member to the team, henceforth named TUG.

While staying in Antigua, Guatemala we met a passionate woman, Michelle, who dedicates a significant portion of her time to saving dogs and puppies on the streets of Guatemala and finding them forever homes. She has an arrangement with the Tourist Police Station to kennel some of the rescues there, and that’s where we met Tug. His mom was rescued from an abusive owner with 6 puppies in her belly :).

Tug immediately made himself part of our pack, actually all of his siblings started sleeping under the truck. He even tried climbing the stairs a few times to come in! For a week we played with the litter, and got to know them, and them us. We didn’t initially consider adopting another dog, as we felt we had struck gold with Syncro, but hearts slowly melted. While we were explaining to another pair of travelers why they should adopt, we slowly realized, we too had no reason not to.

So with caution to the wind, we welcome Tug to the family of travelers. Syncro and him are getting along, and we are fitting everyone just fine in the truck. Let’s hope Tug doesn’t get much bigger….



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