Getting spare parts: ACV Logistics Review

With one of our rims ruined, we needed to figure out how to get a new one down to us in La Paz. 

Our first idea was just to fly a friend down here with it. Flights are cheap, and we had a few friends who were up for the adventure. But we ran into a couple problems with that plan. That plan quickly went out the window when we learned the rim was too heavy to check, and would be charge excessive baggage fees. 


That left us looking for courier options. To date, we have had excellent luck with FedEx in our adventures, but you always end up delayed on the receiving end as you run around trying to find customs, to pay and clear your shipment. Given we didn’t want to be in Baja more than a few more days, we needed something faster and more streamlined.


We found the guys at ACV Logistics (, and after some emails and research, we settled that they were the best option. Its basically a 3 step process. You send your items to their warehouse in San Diego with an invoice of the cost of the items (including the shipping costs to get it to San Diego), they then pack your items on their truck, take it across the border clearing customs and paying on your behalf, and then their truck delivers it to you anywhere in Baja. Its pretty slick and its nice because your items stay in their control from start to delivery. They charge a flat ~33% of the total invoice to do this, which includes the mandatory 16% Mexican tax, AND duties for most items. So in essence they are charging ~17% or less. Even though our Unimog wheel and parts were massive and heavy, there were no special ‘surcharges’ nor hidden fees. Our items left their San Diego warehouse on a Friday and were delivered on Tuesday in La Paz! 


It felt like Xmas with this massive box.


   I honestly was waiting for some hidden fee, or surprise in the process. In some ways, waiting to be ripped off. But it never happened. The team at ACV were professional, patient in answering my multitude of questions, and easy to work with all over email (I hate when companies insist on calling and chatting). 

If you find yourself needing stuff in Baja, I definitely recommend these guys.

All mounted and ready to go! 


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