Our Last Baja Journey

As you may know, we returned to the U.S. for a month of work and renovations on the mog.  This marked our 5th time driving the Peninsula and each trans-baja drive comes with a new adventure attached to it.

Crossing into Mexico through San Ysidro (San Diego) has always been hit or miss for us.  We encountered issues when we first came to baja and the tuck was still camo. That time they refused to let us in and we were deport back to America. The same thing happened this latest trip even though we now look more “recreational”. You can’t do anything about it except hope that the American border officer isn’t having a bad day. They get pretty suspicious of odd stories (e.g. Mexico wouldn’t let us in) and can hold you for hours of searching. Luckily the officer got a good laugh from our story and let us through with no big delay.

 We then drove 45 mins east of San Ysidro to a smaller border crossing at Tecate.  As long as you don’t go during rush hour, there should only be a few cars and within 35 minutes you should be through with your visas.


We made a quick pit stop to check the torque on the wheel nuts, as you can read about what happens when you don’t HERE.


Sean & Syncro at Bahia De Los Angeles looking for sea turtles in the bay.


Bahia De Los Angeles from up above.  We stayed at a beach called ‘La Gringa’ which is a peninsula on the bay and on the other side is the sea.  The best of both worlds.  When the tide is high there is a body of water that fills up in-between, that is full of crabs and crystal clear water.


A view from the RV Park in La Paz.  Every night was the best sunset.


One of the things I have come to love from baja is the Doble Canale. A Doble Canale (which means double joint, as in you decided to roll your joint extra long with two papers) is essentially a bloody Mary but La Paz has put their own twist on it.  (Clamato, Vodka, Beer, Tabasco, Salt, 5 spices, etc) Some come with veggies and some don’t, but the real ones always come in a large styrofoam cup so they are good to go!



My favorite beach is Balandra, outside of La Paz.  It’s a short motorcycle ride to paradise.


The infamous Balance Rock at Balandra.


Our last night on a beach in Baja was right outside Cabo Pulmo at a place called Los Frailes.  The spear fishing is great here and the stars at night are even better.  We hung out here with three new friends (One in a jeep and two on motorcycles) having a bbq and drinking around the fire.


You’ve been great us Baja but you’ve gotten too much of our time and we have to move on. 🙂


Ferry time!


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